Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Chip off the old block...

Yes, there is no denying that Billy is Mickey's son....read on for proof:

We were at the mall yesterday bungee jumping (see previous post) and came across some elf on the shelves.....Billy told us that legend has it that if any kid touches the elves, they lose their powers. Then, he proceeds to threaten touching all the elves in stock, reliving them of any special powers for unsuspecting persons. A mental path similar to thinking that splashing a jogger is an act of random kindness!

But cooler heads (mine) prevailed, and we left all the Elf on the Shelves full of magic. We just hope that gets reported back to Santa.

Speaking of elves....have you ever seen a cuter one than JJ at his recent musical performance?

Yeah, it's Winter Break

And we are headed to Ohio....Whoo Hoo.

But, before we do, we must bungee jump at the mall and climb the worlds best climbing trees!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some recent doings....

We have been quite busy lately, so here are a few pictures to share. Both boys are have been enjoying lots of cub scout activities...JJ lost a tooth last week....we got our Christmas tree, and Billy's choir sang at the local Barnes and Noble! And, we need to include Billy posing with his $100 bill....before it is spent!

The Santa Train

Minnie and JJ went with some friends to Petersburg, WV to ride the Snowflake Express. We sang Christmas Carols, had hot chocolate and cookies, saw an awesome light display and talked to Santa! What a great way to put us in the holiday spirit. While traveling by the light display, JJ exclaimed...."I just can't look away!"

Happy Birthday Billy!

Billy turned 9 on Saturday, and we have been so busy celebrating, we forgot to post anything!

He had a fireman themed party with his friends at the WC, and was surprised by one friend (and his fireman dad) who brought a firetruck to the party.....and gave Billy and JJ a ride home in it afterwards! The best gift ever for a fireman-obsessed kid!

He got lots of presents from family and friends - including his first ever $100 bill from Mom Mom and Pa (Mickey thinks he should save it for college, Billy just wants to buy nerf guns) and Nana and Pop took him out for a special dinner at Texas Roadhouse, where he ate his two favorite foods all night....steak and peanuts!

Nine things about Billy at 9:

-He wants to be a fireman when he grows up
-The ipad sometimes appears to be permanently attached to his hands
-He is working hard at memorizing those pesky multiplication facts
-He just earned his whittling chip in Cub Scots...and has talked of pursuing his Eagle Scout rank as he gets older!
-He is very involved at school....in the Eagle Singers, Drama,SCA and Peers programs
-He is taking snowboarding lessons this winter
-He has recently expressed interest in piano lessons
-JJ thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread!
-He has asked Santa (who he is currently obsessed with) for some repelling gear to be a rock climber!

Friday, December 2, 2011

We are Thankful

Did you know we live in the Turkey Capital of the World? Pretty Cool. We took this picture on Thanksgiving day!

We spent the month of November listing one thing a day we are thankful for, and the list could continue on and on and on....but here are 30 things from each boy:

Books, Family, Trees, Weekends, Billy, Mom & Dad, Artwork, Candy, Ice Cream, Our Cats, Nature, Hikes, Rosie and Riley, Nana and Pop, Mom Mom and Pa, everyone else in our family, Our house, Leprechauns, Popsicles, Measuring Tape, Arthur TV Show, Bikes, Pie, Christmas, Santa, Rudolph, Warm blankets, Movie Night, dessert, Duct Tape

JJ, books, family, neighbors, our house, money, food, ipad, Pie, All Pro Dads, brownies, P.E., Bathtubs, Recuse Workers, Rosie and Riley, TV, cardboard boxes and tape, Leprechauns, history, pens, friends, Markers, paper, Santa, our cats, grandparents, birthdays, sweatpants, cub scouts, weekends, steak