Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Billy and JJ are out of school for winter lucky for all their fans, they will now be writing posts for a few weeks!!!!!! Here is their take on Christmas:
From JJ:
This year, for Christmas, I got a knife, food for prepping and toys. I love Christmas, I think it is so fun. I think all people should celebrate Christmas. Do you like Christmas? We saw a Christmas Carol. Me and Billy got a phone! We also had an Elf on the Shelf
all before Christmas. His name was Harrison. He was pretty naughty. He fought with dad. He brought dad some coal and used dad's toothbrush in a funny way!
From Billy: This year, we had a great Christmas. We a lot of things. For instance, we saw the play, A Christmas Carol which was fun and had funny parts, even though I did'nt really like it. A good part about this year's Christmas is that is snowed. The presents were really awesome. I got a sling shot, and pocket binoculars, and
the kind of bug you spy with. As you can see, I had a pretty good Christmas....and JJ and I also got an iphone 4 to share. Which is the best present ever! NOTE FROM MINNIE: Actually the best present ever is the Disney Cruise we are going on in a few weeks with family. I will be sure to make them blog about it when we return!

Billy Rocks!

Billy turned 10 on December 10th! His golden birthday. And he is now a 'tween' or a 'tenager'. So, this calls for a great celebration that ROCKS! So, what to do?
Call together his 4 BFF's and head to Rocky Top, an indoor rock climbing gym in C-Ville. Here are the highlights:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Gulf of Mexico

We had a fun time rendezvousing in St. Pete Beach with Mom Mom and PA, and catching up with cousins and meeting new family.
Here is our favorite things: Billy: Shell Cay JJ: The Slide and paddle boats and seeing the Gulf of Mexico
Minnie: Yoga on the Beach, finding so many sand dollars Mickey: The dolphin Cruise and Shell Cay and the hammocks
A few picture highlights:
There were so many seashells.....all together, we found 26 sand dollars!
Billy even found a LIVE conch!
We had a great, but short trip....but our cruise is less than 1 month away!


We have a tradition to make a Thanksgiving Tree, listing all the things we are thankful for over the past year. The boys did a great job being specific on things this was our best tree yet, and of course we have so very much more we could have listed. A few of the highlights: J-Wow (of course) Hiking Extended Family...grandparents, aunt and uncles and cousins The Cupcake and Doughnut Trucks (guess who?) Henry Books The Bible The Foof Our house Wine (guess who, not the boys....) Friends Running Our House Warm blankets chewing gum Smalley's Ranch Family trips Not an extensive list....but again, some highlights

Catching Up

Lots happening in Billy and JJ land..but they have been so busy doing, there is not time for blogging: A few things to catch up on: Halloween:
Billy was a WW II soldier....JJ was the Kracken Fireman. If you can look really close, you will see J-Wow has on a costume....the Headless Horseman! She did not like that too much. Billy claimed up until about 2 hours before trick or treat that he was going to stay home this year and hand out candy. But, he ended up trick or treating 'for the last year'!
J-Wow turned 1 on November 7th. We had a fun little party for her...and she got some great treats and even an edible card. What a great addition she has been to our family.
Hard to believe she was ever that small