Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Check one more off the 40 before 40 for Minnie

Climbing Old Rag...a near 10 mile hike near Madison, Virginia

Despite a killer attack toad...and a 5 foot black snake, we survived!

How do Billy and JJ fit into this adventure? Well, they had adventures of their own on the Zip Line at Nana and to follow in a later post...

PLUS Billy informed me that my initial identification of the said critter that attacked me on the trail was not a frog, but actually a toad. He has been studying them in 2nd grade...and here is some of the wisdom he imparted to me...frogs are usually greener, toads more brownish...frogs live in the water...toads only need to live close to water to keep their skin moist. They drink through their skin! Who knew!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

JJ's First Field Trip

JJ had his first field trip in Kindergarten yesterday, and Minnie was so happy to go with his class. The trip was up to Big Meadows on Skyline Drive...and we went out into the woods to learn about our 5 senses....

We heard lots of crunching of leaves and noises of wind and birds.
We saw lots of colors...JJ and his friend had to find something red, which at first was hard...until we discovered some red berries up in a tree.
The teachers brought different bottles of smelly things...the kids closed their eyes and tried to identify things like mint and syrup.
The kids went around the forest floor to feel different things...hard, soft, rough, smooth etc.
Finally, they tasted their trail mix...a friendship snack that each kid contributed something towards...JJ brought banana chips...which I believe was the least popular item!
It was a good time...and what even made it more exciting is right during our picnic lunch, a deer walked right by the whole class!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Grandparents Day

And Billy and JJ are blessed with 4 of the best...and 2 'Great' Ones!

In their words:

Mom Mom and Pa - "I love them because they are really great at being grandparents. It is fun when they come visit...but even more fun when we visit them. It takes a really long time to get there, but when we do, it is really fun!" - Billy

Nana and Pop - "I love Nana and Pop. I like their house. They have lots of toys there. I like it when they buy me lots of toys. - JJ

Dutch and Maw - "I like to eat at their house. Maw makes French Toast every time! Dutch plays lots of fun games with me...and I really like to go into his basement" - JJ

Friday, September 10, 2010

Virgina Beach


Despite thinking he might prevent our trip to the Beach, Earl passed by and left behind him beautiful weather....and perfect boogie boarding waves! Here are our favorite memories of the trip....with the above pictures as illustration of our great weekend.

Mickey - Our sunset picnic
Minnie - Riding the waves with the boys...and great picture taking conditions
Billy - Big Waves, The Hilton Pool, Getting our Dogs
JJ - Getting our dogs....definetly not the sand in my bu**!

**JJ's comment brings us to a long lasting memory for us all - when we were rising off at the public spicot at the beach...and he pulled his suit down to get the sand out of his bu**! Another favorite memory was JJ's surfing the waves and a big one came and knocked him down so hard, it turned him over and pulled his suit almost off!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


One on Billy, one on JJ..

Billy- Was voted Good Citizen of the Day by his classmates on the very first day the class voted...YEAH Billy!

JJ-So it turns out that JJ's 'best friend' (and depending on the day, his 'girlfriend') from school... the amazing Ms. V is in dance class with another really cute friend of JJ's. This friend, who we will call 'the Lady R', has a strong connection to Aunt Pie...and it has been said more than once that JJ should marry her! Well, when hearing his two best girls actually know each other, Jake replies....'Oh no, this is bad...." Hopefully he is not a 'player' in the making!