Monday, April 15, 2013

Watch our for Creepers!

JJ's birthday celebration with his friends was a lot of fun. Billy and JJ planned the whole party. Mostly, they sat in the basement and played minecraft on their devices. But, we did a few fun games, like tackle the creeper and Steve tag. Some highlights: A Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Steve Tag Tackle the Creeper Minecraft Battle!

Dr Suess Fest....2013

JJ and Minnie are huge Dr. Seuss Fans. IT has been our tradition to read all of his books during the month of March and rank them in order. Here is how we do it: Read a book and then put it in order based on the previous books we have read. If we cannot agree on the placement, Billy serves as the tie breaker. Our top 10 Dr. Suess books for the year: 10) Scrambled Eggs Super 9) Horton Hears a Who 8) Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose 7) The Butter Battle Book 6) McElligots Pool 5) The Bippolo Seeds and other stories 4) Kings Stilts 3) Sneetches and Other Stories 2) How the Grinch Stole Christmas 1) Cat's Quizzer This list has changed quite a lot from 2012....wonder how we will feel in 2014?

Ohio...highlights.... Spring Break 2013

Billy and JJ spent Spring Break in Ohio.....a few days on Smalley's Ranch, and a few days in Ohio with Mom Mom and Pa. Here they are with one of their most favorite people in the whole world, Smalley....owner and proprietor of Smalley's Ranch. The best place two boys could every imagine. Here are some highlights of their trip: ***The Works - A interactive museum where they got to take apart computers and drive car simulators. *** Whit's - in G-Ville. The best ice cream place ever. *** The Outdoor Store - A good place for preppers! ***Smalley's Archery Class - Because it is good preparation for doomsday, and a student in the class wanted to take a picture with them, which made Billy and JJ feel like celebrities! ***The bonfires at the Ranch - who doesn't like a bonfire? *** The fireworks at the Ranch, which only resulted in a flesh wound and one trip to the doctor! *** Hunting with Smalley - Billy and JJ's first attempt at this, and they are hooked! Billy and JJ always have a great time visiting Mom Mom and Pa!

Happy Birthday JJ.....8 is great!!!

JJ turned 8 this year. And we celebrated a few times. And, since he asked for money for his birthday to go to Great Wolf Lodge....we will celebrate again when we go there this summer! Here are some highlights: School....where Minnie took in Strite's Doughnuts for he and his classmates: Then his birthday dinner, where he wanted to have steak and eat on our good china and get dressed up and be 'fancy': Now in his minecraft sweatshirt, a birthday gift! Getting ready to eat his favorite...cupcakes! And with cousin, sir cuss a lot, whom he shares a birthday with. In Ohio:

Shamrock On!

Billy and JJ both did races at Virginia Beach over St. Patrick's Day weekend. JJ ran a mile in 11:48. Here he is in action: And Billy ran a whole 8K....which is just under 5 miles. He did it in 1 hour and 2 minutes!!! Here he is after the race with Billy, who ran it with him.