Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Celebrations

Jack O' Lanterns.....Swam Juice and Mummy Dogs.....and that is all before Trick Or Treating. We are celebrating Halloween in style....

Billy's Class

I took in pumpkin snacks today for Billy's class. It was a good time meeting some of the kids I had never met before. Billy was mortified when I suggested to him a group this is the best I can do to update all the Billy and JJ fans out there. The Blue table!

Happy Snowtober!

Yes, that is right...we got around 5 inches of snow....2 days BEFORE Halloween! But we made the most of it, with our very own Jack o'Snowman!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

JJ's class

Minne was lucky enough to be able to visit JJ's class on dress up day, with a special pumpkin treat in hand. And, yes....he wore his shoulder pads all day....and his helmet....even eating and drinking through the holes the best he could. Talk about a dedicated football player!

Dress Up Day at School

The boys had to improvise on their costumes for school, since their new ones we ordered had a major glich in the system....and did not arrive:(

But they did not do too bad!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Week in Review

Whew...what a busy week we have had....

Monday started off with a surprise visit from Cousins D and J from Ohio. On their motorcycles. What a great surprise, and so funny when they 'revvved' their engines all the way out of the neighborhood:)

Wednesday had us early at school for the first All Pro Dad breakfast...and then back that night for Literacy Night, and a funny story teller! JJ was picked from the audience to help tell a Dr. Seuss story!

Thursday was a day off of school, so we spent it 'mountain biking' on the Rocktown Trails....through the mud!

Also of note this week, Billy and JJ are hard at work with the neighbor kids on a play about firefighters....written in part by Billy. And, for real....two leprechauns showed up in Billy's class this week. Weired things have been going on every since......

And lastly, a funny quote from JJ:
Driving in the car away from the mountain biking expedition, we were all tired and Billy was talking about something to which JJ replied, "I just need a few minutes without your voice right now!" Billy replied, "That is so rude. When I want you to shut up, I am nicer, I just say, 'Lets play the quiet game!"

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Virginia Beach....our faves....

From Mickey....
5)The big change in temperature...from summer to fall overnight!
4) The seagulls attacking us because Billy kept feeding them
3) The sunset at our picnic
2) The sandcastles at the Neptune Festival
1) Eating Chickeny at Carrabbas

From JJ:
5) Swimming in the ocean
4) Playing on the playground
3) Planet Pizza (it is as good as the picture says)
2) Pie
1) The Leprechauns moving all around

Frin Billy:
5) Big Gull
4) Making Yodas with Pie's class
3) Swimming in the Ocean
2) The Sandcastles
1) Keeping track of the Leprechauns

From Minnie:
5) Reading to Pie's class
4) The crafts at the Neptune Festival
3) The Sandcastles at the Neptune Festival
2) Running 10 miles with preparation for our marathon!
1) My birthday picnic!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pie's class!

While at Virginia Beach, we visited Pie at school. We read some of our favorite book to her class, The Strange Case of Origami Yoda....and even helped her class make Origami Yoda's. It was fun seeing Mrs. H in action and to check out a different elementary school. We were hoping her class would ask us funny questions about Pie, but they got stuck on her nickname and we did not get out any more juicy details!

The books are in at the library!

The books the Boys Book Club raised money for have arrived at the library, and they are on display! Each boy has two that have their names inscribed on them. We were able to check out both of Billy's....but someone already had checked out one of JJ's. No worries, it is a good thing their books are already being used!

Billy's books:
Spiked Scorpions & Walking Whales
Aliens from Earth

JJ's Books:
Bug Butts!
Spiders and other Invertebrates

Isn't it appropriate that JJ had one named Bug Butts?