Monday, November 15, 2010

Party in the USA

Billy was asked to be apart of a group at his school that met last week to repaint the Map of the United States on the playground. Local college students also helped. Here is his summary:

"I painted the map with a bunch of other kids. The states I painted were Michigan, Colorado and New Mexico. One kid fell into the paint in Texas and got orange all over his butt. It was really funny."

Adventures in Skating

We are on a 'commit to be fit' kick - trying to get the kids to exercise at least 2x/week. We mostly go swimming, but recently found a great activity we all love...rollerskating. All of us need a little bit of practice...but thus far we are all commited to mastering the art.

According to JJ: "I think it is fun. I love it and also I love it when I go with friends and have people to help me. I actually think I am really talented at skating. And swimming."

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

JJ's work of Art

JJ has his first piece of artwork in a public forum: on the wall of SSES! It was an assigment on different lines and shapes in making his fish. He chose to focus more on the jellyfish in the picture than the actual fish...but is the artists perogative!

He is none too pleased about this picture as #1 we had to go in early to school this day for Billy's choir rehersal and he missed the bus...and then #2 notice his leather jacket and spiked was the 50th day of school so they had a sock-hop and were to dress ad kids in the 1950'. He does not like change so therefore did not like to play dress up!

What is up this fall? Billy's FALL!

Billy was home from school for two days last week because of an injury at school. Bad news for him, but good news for The Adventures of Billy and JJ because he had time to finally add a blog update:

From Billy:
"So, guess what happened in PE? My friend knocked the air out of me and I passed out He was trying to get in front of me to be first in line for lunch. I got a concussion and might have had a least Mrs. M said I did (one of his PE teachers). I went to the hospital and I missed two days of school. All of my friends were worried and so was my teacher. I was in the hospital for almost 3 hours."