Sunday, May 20, 2012

A great Weekend....

Friday Night Fireworks

Saturday Night: Rocktown Spies in action!

A quick trip to G-Ville

Just enough time to do all of our favorite things....
Ride Bikes
Hunt Ghosts
See the fountains
Climb on the Big Red Thing
Gets Whits....every single day:)

Speaking of Ghosts....look at this from the Ballroom at the Buxton Inn. Where Evelyn, the lady in Blue is known to visit. Do you think that is her under the table, shining her light for all to see?

We got to introduce Jessie to MomMom and Pa's town, and we think she liked it! We can add another great characteristic to her....great traveler! She loves Whits as much as we do....they have great homemade biscuits (and she often would get leftover ice cream from the ground). She was so popular in Granville, we think she should run for mayor.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fake Mustache book report

Billy is sick he got a jump on the Boys Book Club list, and read the first book in 1 Day!!!!! So, I have been 'homeschooling him'....multiplication tables, 30 minutes of reading....and the best thing ever....Billy and JJ Blogs! The author of the book Billy is reviewing, also wrote Origami Yoda....and is local. He set this book in our town, but refers to it as 'Hairsprinkle'!

Fake Mustache was a good book. I say that because it was funny. A kid lent $10 to his friend to buy a mustache then he got on a suit and started robbing banks. Then he blamed it on the other kid and the whole town was after him. Then the bad kid became mayor! The bad kid was aka 'Fako Mustachio'. And who doesn't see through that! then Fako Mustachio tried to become president and won the election,but an assisinator tried to shoot Fako but the good guy threw a sticky hand and caught the bullet. It also caught the fake mustache, so the bad kid was revealed. I really liked this book - it was great!!

Our Nerf Gun Battle

Poor Billy....he is home sick from school...but good for Billy and JJ fans because he can blog!

The Nerf Fun battle was very fun. We had two wars, and in those wars we had 5 battles. In war 2, battle 4, I only had a pistol and it was me -vs- three other people. I had a sniper riffle most the the time out. I also used a machine gun and a pistol some of the time. I used 200 rounds!!! So all together, we sued close to 1,000! The whole time, I used eye protection because bullets in your eyes hurt. If you get shot with a bullet out of a machine gun anywhere, it hurts. I wore all camo since I was a sniper. I wasn't wearing a helmet, but I was wearing a camo-hat. One time, I got shot in the head and it hurt like crazy! I had a lot of fun at the nerf battle, even though it was raining.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Billy and JJ with their best boy (Special K) and best girl (Jessie!)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

We love any reason to celebrate...even one that has nothing to do with us!

To mark Cinco de Mayo...a big nerf gun battle in the neighborhood, sangria and a pinata! Good times.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

JJ's new phase

Literally overnight, JJ has developed a military phase....wanting to wear camo everywhere. Check out one of his outfits for school this week.

Billy loves it because he has been in a military phase for a long time now. His response to JJ:

'You have always been a great brother....but now you are acting like MY brother!"