Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Proclamation from JJ!

For all you Royal Watchers out there who might have risen early to watch the Royal Wedding today, you might like this story. And for all of you JJ followers out there who know of his desire to be king because he 'figures that is the way to have the most money', you too may like this story:

I had this conversation with the boys this morning at the bus stop (after watching the Royal Wedding, which I enjoyed so much - but they wanted me to change when they awoke, just as the Prince and the Princess were being escorted into their carriage so they could watch Arthur of all things!)

Minnie: "JJ, I thought of you and how you want to be king while I was watching the royal wedding this morning and how for you to become king, you will have to marry a princess in line to the throne. So, here is what I am thinking - lets hope that William and Kate have a baby girl really soon. Then you could go to college in England, catch her eye, marry her and become her king."

JJ: "Well, I don't want to go to college in England."

Minnie: "Well, maybe their daughter will come to college in the United States.'

JJ: "But I don't want to marry their daughter."

Minnie: "Well, then I do not know how else you can become a king."

JJ: "I have decided I do not want to become a king. I want to marry 'EG'(a family friend) and be just like you"

Minnie: "What do you mean, just like me?"

JJ: "Just a regular person with not very much money, but happy. With two kids, just like you and dad and I think 'EG' will be a good wife.

Minnie: "I think your plan is better than mine!"

And another JJ anecdote for good measure to show he has a good head on his shoulders:

I picked him up from school last week and he was angry at what is his on and off again 'best friend' who we shall call Ms. I for short. When I asked him why, he said..."Because sometimes she holds my hand way too tight!"

I could not argue with that reasoning either!

Happy Easter

Due to an unfortunate case of vertigo that befell Minnie, we were unable to celebrate the holiday as usual in our household. But, thanks to Nana, Pop and Pie - the boys were able to have their very own Easter Egg hunt....and thanks to Mickey, they were able to clean up real nice for church and honor the Risen Christ, which is the true reason for the season!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

All Pro Dads

SSES has a new program this year called All Pro Dads. It is a monthly breakfast meeting where the dads and kids bond with each other and review important life lessons together. Billy and JJ really have enjoyed it this has Mickey. Twice Mickey has been out of town for the Pop filled in - and one month Billy and JJ had both their grandpa's in attendance. How lucky is that!

In their own words...

JJ - "I like All Pro Dads because we get to go to school early before anyone else is around, I like wining the raffle and the chicken biscuits"

Billy - "Getting to school early is cool. I like hanging out with my friends and my dad and my favorite food is Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuts."

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Easter Jar

In December, an author came to the boys school and discussed a his book, The Christmas Jar. The idea is to collect loose change all year and once it is filled, to donate it to a worthy cause. Our jar if finally full...and Christmas is a long way away, so we are calling our first ever donation....The Easter Jar!

The first recipient of our donation - totaling $26.01 - is the Happy Hearts Foundation. This organization helps rebuild schools where Natural Disasters have hit. While we had a few causes on our short list, Happy Hearts won out because Billy and JJ liked the idea of giving to an organization that helps kids their age....and Minnie is a die hard DWTS fan....and the founder of Happy Hearts is on the current season. She appears to be a most beautiful person inside and out....and is a true inspiration in living a positive life.

Monday, April 4, 2011

JJ Turns 6!

We were in G-Ville for JJ's actual birthday. We celebrated by having breakfast at Aladdin (free of course, since Billy and JJ are local celebrities), going ice skating (Minnie for one likes roller a lot better!) and then having a party at Mom Mom's where everyone in attendance bowed to King JJ and learned of their royal duties in his kingdom. The highlights: The Honeychilds are in charge of preventing alligator attacks and Mom Mom runs the candy stores...which is the only food available in the kingdom, other than pizza which is sold by our #1 fan. On the Civil Servant side, Billy is in charge of guarding his majesty JJ - and being his all around slave, while Minnie sells all the firetrucks in the land.

The Kingdom of JJ sounds like a great place to live, provided the Honeychilds do their job!

Rocktown Wrestling Club

The Rocktown Wrestling Club is over for the year. Will wrestling be a good sport for Billy and JJ going forward? Mickey and Minnie think so...they get a lot of practice at home! It is pretty high on Billy's list...but JJ says he is going to 'retire' after this...his first season!

Our Number # Fan!

Cover boys!

Billy and JJ's fame is spreading (along with Mom Mom)! They had front page color pictures in two newspapers in as many days! It was all anyone in G-Ville could talk about!

Disney Report #5 - Minnie's Memories

Of course my best memory of this trip will be running through the castle with Mickey and my two buddies (having just met up just a mile was meant to be!) and having Mom Mom, Billy and JJ on the other side. That moment, and the completion of the 1/2 Marathon will be in my heart forever!

Staying at the Hard Rock at Universal was great fun, though it was just for one night - Harry Potter lived up to its promotions, and I also really enjoyed Dr. Seuss land.

It having our friends with us and meeting up for meals and fun times the whole week. Great memories and bonds were made. Being as I have just started Pixie Dust Travels, it was also great to try new things and have new experiences to share with others.

A HUGE coup on this trip was our first ever picture with Mickey and Minnie TOGETHER! And of course, Mickey and I had the most amazing meal ever at California Grill on our last the light of the Wishes fireworks!
Those things that come to mind:

-Riding Tower of Terror for the first time - being airborne with JJ screaming!
-School Bread and Butter Finger Cupcakes
-Pirates and Pals Fireworks Cruise
-The washcloth animals each day upon our return from the parks
-Riding Big Thunder Mountain over and over...without getting off
-Getting soaked on Splash Mountain...with JJ and Mom Mom in the front of the boat...its okay though we were already wet from the pouring rain!
-Visiting ESPN Wide World of Sports for the first time...and watching the kids in their races
-All of our 'Magical Poses'!
-Mom Mom's acting debut at Hollywood Studios
-Seeing the survivors all over the park!

Disney Report #5 - In Billy's own words

A couple of week ago we went to Disney World and it was fun. My favorite part of the trip was Everest, Tower of Terror and Space Mountain. JJ's favorite part was getting a stuffed animal from every park and playing tag with our friends at Epcot.

We also went to Universal - to Islands of Adventure to see the New Harry Potter land. The Harry Potter ride in the castle (Hogwarts) was awesome but scary.

JJ and I also ran races. I ran a mile and JJ ran a 200 meter race. I ran a mile in 8 minutes and 38 seconds, but they did not time JJ because there were so many kids...but I think he did a good time. We both got medals. We ran these races in the ESPN Wide World of Sports because it was owned by Disney.

I love our Disney trips!