Saturday, April 28, 2012

Alone in the House...and why I could not do my home work

(A creative writing assignment by Billy in two parts!)

Alone in the house:

Today my parents went to the movies and I was all alone. At first I was scared because I heard scarey noises and I saw a black cat run by, but then I started to like it because I went into the attic and it was like a maze of boxes. Then all of a sudden out of the dark came a huge black bear....and it was so cute with its huge teeth and its glowing red eyes. Well, back on subject, I then ran towards it as if it was a teddy bear and I tried to hug it but then it grabbed me (just like Ben Franklin did to lightning), and said 'get in the bag' so I shrugged my shoulders and said, 'What do I have to loose and I jumped in.' Then he sling me over his shoulders....(and by the way, his name is Bob)

Not doing my homework:

Last night I was stuck in a bag that a bear told me to get in so I couldn't do my homework. For Real, but then I had to come up with 10 more excuses for my teacher, because who would believe the thing about the bear:

1) My dog ate it (a classic)
2) Benjamin Franklin mistook it for lightning.
3) A kidnapper took it.
4) Yes, it did grow legs and walk away and by the way, your face!
5) My cat sent it to Africa because a zebra wanted it
6) A monkey flew from the sky and grabbed it!

I cannot think of any more because my dog ate my brain.

Friday, April 27, 2012

What JJ's do best.....

Conversation last night as JJ burst through the door and picked up a paper bag, scissors and tape:

Mickey: What are you doing, JJ?

JJ: I am being is what JJ's do best!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Sneak Peek

We had our family pictures at the Arboretum last week as an early Mother's Day present to Minnie. Here is a sneak peek!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


That is our nickname for Jessie.

Now, we know she is brilliant, but she continues to wow us with her brilliance! Did you know she rings a bell when she needs to go outside and do her business? What a dog!

Well, she has a new skill now....alarm clock! Right before it is time for Arthur to start in the mornings (JJ HAS to watch Arthur every morning), I say, 'Go wake up your brothers' and she runs up the stairs and jumps up in Billy's bed and starts licking his face until he wakes. JJ is on the top bunk, so she cannot get up there yet (just give her time though, I bet that can be her next trick...climbing ladders) but all the commotion wakes JJ up too....just in time for Arthur!

Here is a picture of her and Billy yesterday after the wake-up call....cuddling on the red chair....and watching Arthur!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where it all began.....

We re-visted the hike where Billy and JJ was born (the blog that is, not the actual boys) on Easter day. Besides seeing a snake and JJ getting something in his eye (we have decided this is a bad luck hike for JJ...last time he fell and cut his leg badly), we had a grand time. Mostly because Jessie joined us....and we discovered she is probably the best hiker in the family.

Happy Easter!

Spring Break

Billy and JJ spent spring break in Ohio with Mom Mom and PA. Most of it was spent in Ohio, but the last two days they visited Rio Grande and worked on Smalley's farm. Which, as you can see was very fun for them. The whole week was action packed! Here are their top five lists of things they liked:


4) Circus
3) Visiting the weatherman
2) Smalley and his farm and the bonfire and tractor rides
1) visiting Whit's every night

4) Weatherman
3) My birthday party in Rio Grande
2) The bonfire
1) Smalley

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

According to Billy and JJ (and Minnie)....

The best Dr. Suess book is.......

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Followed closely by: Horton Hears a Who, If I Ran the Zoo and Gerald McBoing Bong!

This was a scientific study conducted with little room for error. We read all the books during the month of March, and drew this conclusion through a tournament format!

Happy Birthday JJ!

JJ just turned are my top 7 reasons for loving JJ:

7) His sense of style.....undies inside out, pants on backwards, socks with crocs and sweatpants all the time. This kid has style, no matter what he is wearing.

6) His passion....when JJ LOVES something, he LOVES it....Garfield, Arthur, Disney, Eeyore, his friends, his family. If you catch JJ's attention, you have it for life.

5) His Hugs....They are awesome!

4) His love of reading....a very fun shared hobby for us. His love of art and climbing trees and riding his bike....JJ is a 'good time'.

3) He is outside the box....JJ marches to the beat of his own drummer, which makes life much more interesting for all of us. He is so unique. He has different interests than most kids...and it is so much fun learning through him.

2) Smart, funny and cute (this is Mickey's addition to the list). Those should be 3 separate bullet points....but then again, it is hard to contain JJ's personality into just 7 things! JJ is all of these things, as we know.

1) Just because we do! JJ brings so much joy to our life, funny stories, love and hilarity. He is the greatest 7 year old in the world!

Enjoy the baby JJ pic....and would you care to add to the list?

JJ's b-day party #1

JJ's birthday fell at a weird time this year....within the marathon recovery time frame, the day after spring break started....and one week prior to Easter which has all contributed to his big birthday party being pushed back a few weeks. But, right before he left to go to Ohio for Spring break, we held a family party here. It was a preview of the Disney party yet to come...with lots of Disney gifts, and a pin the tail on the donkey game. D & D (JJ's favorite Sunday people) were the big winners of the much sought after Eeyore statue!

Team Harrison!

Marathon Weekend

Mickey and Minnie completed their first (and last) full marathon over St. Patricks Day weekend. Billy and JJ each ran in the kids 'final mile' race.

Billy (paced by Mickey) keeps improving on his mile time....this time clocking a blazing 7:55.

JJ (paced by Pie) ran his first mile EVER in a 12:13.

Their PE teacher came by and watched the run (we are hoping for extra credit!) because her husband was running the 1/2 marathon the next day.

What a fun weekend it was, especially for the boys who got to stay in the Hilton all weekend with Mom Mom!