Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Minnie's Reunion in Ohio

Minnie, JJ and Billy trecked to Ohio again last week for a reunion at Minnie's College with her swim team. As usual there were many adventures of Billy and JJ throughout the trip...here are the top 5 of each boy:

#5 - The room I created at Mom Mom and Pa's
#4 - Drinking Red Bull on the roadtrip
#3 - Kenyon
#2 - Going off the High Dive
#1 - Playing Hockey across the street

#5 - The Works
#4 - Mom Mom
#3 - Whit's
#2 - Going off the diving board
#1 - Learning to spell J-E-E-P

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Great Outdoors....

Mickey had a work picnic waaaaaay back in the mountains on another glorious fall day. Billy and JJ had some adventures in fishing....and look what Mickey caught!

Pumpkin Patch

A glorious fall day at the pumpkin patch...what more could we ask for?

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Since JJ has started school, he is constantly with paper and writing utensil...either drawing pictures (or more likely) putting down a series of letters on paper and asking, 'What does this spell?' The answer is always a made up word, or usually nothing ...because it is a series of consonants so I am unable to sound anything out! But, last week, he came up with a winner! DELTA is what he spelled on his page. His joy at spelling a word is overflowing. Now I am finding pieces of paper all over the house with his word on it....including my birthday card! I wonder if this means he will be an airline pilot...or live in Mississippi!