Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cub Scout Camp - By Billy

Cub Scout Camp was very fun because it was tent camping. It had lots of classes about Boy Scout stuff. It was also raining when we did it, so it was pretty fun. We had three storms while we were up there. The worst one was the last one because it lasted a lot longer and flooded the whole campsite. But they were all pretty severe, and the only thing that gave us shelter was tarps and tents. I got a few new loops for my belt. My favorite class was map and compass, and I touched the bottom of the lake. I also passed my swimming test at the highest level, so I could swim anywhere in the lake. I am glad I am a Boy Scout.

The Quarry...by JJ

We had our Boys Book Club meeting at the quarry. It is like the best place ever. We go there a lot with the book club because everyone loves it. This time, Billy touched the bottom. I jumped off the rock a lot. And, I learned to do the kayak. We also had a scavenger hunt. And we had some cake. A Pokemon cake because it was A's birthday and he loves Pokemon. I love, love, love the quarry!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Drama Class...by JJ

I did a camp called drama. We did the play Peter Pan. I played Smee. My friend Sir Lance-a-lot was Hook. It was a funny play. We also played some games and we made some crafts. I made an air balloon. I had a lot of fun!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Harrison Day...by JJ

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Note: This is a holiday created by us....for us. This was our first year to celebrate. Minnie set the itinerary (based on the boys wanting to do a 5K). Each year, a different family member gets to plan the adventure. JJ gives you an account of what we did: We ran a 5K. It was in Richmond. It was called the Color Me Rad 5K. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory. We stayed at a really cool hotel in Short Pump. Then we went to Treadagor to study the Civil War. Me and Billy got a badge for doing a scavenger hunt. We also went to the Museum of the Confederacy and Jefferson Davis house. Harrison day is cool. Next year is my year. We are either going to Water Country USA or to Great Wolf Lodge, or maybe both.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

J-Wow! - By Billy

J-Wow is a good dog and we like to play with her. Usually, we wrestle, play soccer, or run. When J-Wow gets going, she is fast. Last time she was chasing me, and then I stopped. Then she couldn't stop and she ran into me and pushed me over. She likes getting in rivers and likes....but she does not like the water to go over her head. But, we think that if we all get in where it is over her head where she would have to swim, then she would get in. We are going to try that soon. ***Note, I think this is about the 4th post from the boys about our great dog. Yes, we love her. We have given her an 'anonymous' name for the blog to protect her privacy. Since she is getting so much publicity, she now needs to wear disguises so as to avoid the paparazzi!

Boys Book Club - by JJ

We read books in Boys Book Club. We are going to P-Cell park tomorrow for Boys Book Club. We will play on the playground after we talk about the book. The book we read this month was Phantom Toll Booth. It was exciting. I like Boys Book Club.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Riven Rock Park - by Billy

Riven Rock was very fun. First we looked for crayfish and found a huge one that was almost dead, but still had some life left in it. Second, we went to the swimming hole and then we hiked to the dam and we climbed down the ladder into the dam. We walked along it fishing with my sling shot. Then we
climbed the rocks on the riverbed sideways with Prince H. If you fell, you fell into 5-6 feet of water with another foot of leaves at the bottom...and who knows what else is in there!

Top 5 - G-Ville Trip 7/12

Billy: 5) Seeing all my cousins 4) First place in the bike contest 3) Todd's Pool 2) Water park 1) Smalley's farm
JJ: 5) Surviving the storm 4) The cool hotel after our car broke down 3) Getting second place in the bike contest 2) Playing with my cousins 1) Smalley's Farm

4th of July - by JJ

I rode my bike in the 4th of July Parade. I got second place. Billy got first. When we went to the fair, I climbed up the rock wall and I did the Ferris wheel. I also did the fun house and the happy swing with my cousins. But the bad thing is, on the way home, our car broke down. But, we went to a hotel with a cool pool.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The big storm!

A big storm first hit Ohio, where Billy and JJ were and then traveled through Virgina where Mickey was home alone (well, actually with J-Woww and H-Man)! It wreaked a lot of havoc in both places.....destroying our play set in Ohio, and leaving Mom Mom and Pa's house without power for 7 days. Minnie was living in the lap of luxury in Chicago with her friend, Jiven for the storm, and much of its aftermath. In Virginia, the storm is being described as a 'derecodo' which is a land hurricane. In Ohio, I think they believed it to be a tornado.

Billy wrote his account as if interviewing his dad about the storm here:

"The Storm, breaking news"

The storm was horrible and it went across the whole Eastern U/S. It was either a hurricane or a tornado and it caused bad damage. A land hurricane is just like a hurricane, only its on land and it does not have any rain with it. This happened in H-burg. It was a really bad wind storm. Mickey H, a resident of H-burg said it started to get so windy and dark, and a little breezy. Then it turned into hurricane winds so he thought it was a tornado. The wind was so strong, it shook the house and water flew out of the toilet. So, he grabbed the dog, J-Wow and went downstairs.

This was Billy H. WHSV News

JJ wrote about his experience weathering the storm at Smalley's Ranch in Ohio:

"The Really Big Storm Strikes Back"

Me and Billy were in Ohio with the BIG storm hit. We were on Smalley's Ranch, shooting targets on the range with BB guns. Then we heard thunder. We got the bow and arrow and went back into the barn. We put down the stuff then the storm happened. It was crazy. When a tree hit the power line, Smalley said, 'Sh*t boys, this is serious'. Then the power went out. Grandma pulled in her car just as the storm hit. We went to G-Ville then and they did not have power either, so they got the storm too. Dad did too here and it broke our play set.

The End.