Sunday, March 10, 2013

Finally....A Snow Storm

We waited all winter and have had very little snow....but on finally, on March 6th.....we got 18 inches and had so much fun playing in the white stuff! Much fun was had by all.....but most especially, J-Wow!

International Night

The boys worked hard and presented Wales at the SSES International Night. They maned the both, talking about the Welsh Dragon, Love Spoons and King Arthur and were busy handing out Welsh Tea Cakes and Daffodil Bulbs. One of the organizers of the event told us the next day that the Wales table 'was a big hit'! Top three things the boys learned / liked about Wales: Billy: 1) Most of Wales is small towns like G-Ville. Many houses have names based on geography or location instead of a street name. 2) Tea time is cool....and Tea Cakes are great. 3) The stories about King Arthur are neat, but I do not think they are real. JJ: 1) I like the Dragon on the flag, and the story about him. 2) King Arthur lived there. 3)It would be fun to have tea every day...but I would have lemonade instead because I do not like tea.