Saturday, October 27, 2012

Scouting for Food

Proud of Billy and JJ for helping collect over 100 bags of food with the scouting for food program the rain. They are turning out to be great scouts.

Perfect Score

Billy took the SOL's for the first time last year (they start in 3rd grade) - and got a PERFECT SCORE! He was honored for that achievement last night at the football game during Academic Excellence night for the city schools!

Field Trips Gaolore

The boys had back to back field trips last week..... Jamestown for Billy and the 4th Graders....
Skyline Drive for the 2nd graders and JJ. Minnie was lucky enough to chaperone both!

Go tigers....Or Hokies....what about the Lords and Ladies?

A family battle is brewing over college loyalties. Will Billy and JJ be Tigers.....or Hokies?
Really what they need is a Kenyon Lords would trump them all!

good manners

The boys had their first pack meeting this week, and they earned a belt loop for good manners. Their guest speaker taught them everything from phone ettiquite to how to use a napkin at dinner, to how to set the table....and why you turn your knife in towards the plate, and not out....unless you want to start a fight!

Hiking across two states...

We did a great fall foliage hike last week....and posted all about it on our family blog:
Check it out here:

Monday, October 15, 2012

Scenes from our house on Sunday Afternoon

Billy mowing.....
JJ Supervising....

Golden Running Shoe Trophy

Is again in the hands of SSES. For every year they have hosted the event, the boys have helped their school win the contest of all city schools. They have an option of running 1-4 laps around the track (with 4 being a full mile). They both chose to run the full mile! Good Job Billy and JJ!

The Election

The boys have both been really interested in the 2012 Presidential Election. The day after the first debate, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan had a rally about 45 minutes from our house. Billy, JJ, Mom Mom (she was visiting) and Minnie all made the trip. It took over 3 hours because of all the traffic. I offered for us to escape the crowds and head home and watch it on TV...but the boys insisted we stay. What is really sticking in their minds is the debt they have already incurred because of our deficit, and what that means for our country's future but also theirs and their children.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Scenes from the Homestead

We had lots of fun!

Fancy Pants

That is what we were when we celebrated Minnie's birthday at the Homestead!
Two funny quotes from the weekend: "I am glad we are not rich because I wouldnt want to do this every night" - Billy getting on his tie "I did not find a straw (for his chocolate milk), but I did find a doughnut" -JJ at breakfast buffet

Billy's Stew

The boys have shown a great interest in cooking lately. Here is a receipe for Billy's Stew, made up by you guessed it.....Billy! (And it was delicious!) Rice Milk Tomato Sauce 3 Cheese Mix Hot Sauce Turkey Pepperoni Chicken