Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Day...

Three of them, in what to do? Go sledding with our buddies!

Here is Billy's report:

I love sledding. Since we got so much snow, we missed school for 3 days so we get to sled a lot. The 'K' hill is great....we try and hit the ramp, and I did 3 times today. JJ did twice and our friends B and EG did too! Now I'm so good at sledding I can sit on my knees and go down. We made a platform at my house with a ramp so we can get a bunch of speed. When I go down the ramp, it is awesome. The fun park of going down the hill is that I spin out of control. It is great.

JJ's Field Trip...and another funny JJ moment!

JJ and his class took a field trip to the Children's Museum. Lots of fun playing and learning.

Speaking of learning, JJ is doing great learning to read. We were working on sight words the other evening and the word 'funny' came up. I said, "JJ this is what you are....sound it out" And he said...."FFFFF FFFF FFFF FABULOUS!" And I said yes, you are!

The Pinewood Derby

At my cub scout pinewood derby, my car came in between 5th and 8th place out of 28 cars. One kids car didn't even make it to the finish line! I was very fun, I like the pinewood derby. My car was an Army Humvee and was pretty fast...and pretty cool.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

An JJ ancedote...

Last night after showing us one of his lego creations, Mickey said to JJ...."If you wanted to be an architect when you grow up, I think you could be a really good one."

JJ's response: "When I grow up, I am going to be a king because I figure that is the best way to have the most money!"

It is good to have goals!

New Years Goals and planned adventures

In 2011, our family wants to:

-Host an outdoor 'drive in' movie in our backyard.
-Complete our respective races at Disney World
-Go to Chicotegue Island
-Review our scrapbooks every New Years Eve
-Eat healthy, exercise and maintain good weights
-Host an 80's party for Minnie's 40th birthday
-Help Minnie complete her 40 before 50 list
-Keep up our rollerskating habit!
-Take better care of our things (mostly Billy and JJ)
-Less Potty Humor:)