Monday, July 29, 2013

Camp Billy

For the past three nights, I was at Camp Shenandoah, a Boy Scout of America camp for Weeblos. We did lots of fun things like shooting BB guns and learning knots and first aid. We even went on a hike and saw a rattlesnake! Nighttime was a different story. There were raccoons and mice, mostly mice that came into out tents. Also it was cold. I have a 40 degree sleeping bag (meaning it should keep you warm down to 40 degree temperatures) and I was so cold! So both of these factors kept me up, and not to mention the 12:00, 2:30 and 5:00 AM train. Now the 5AM train was my alarm clock, so since nobody else in my pack was up at the atime, I just got dressed and sharpened my knives and walked around early in the morning. We learned about different fires, and how to make them and how to put them out. We also did team work exercises and skits and a bunch of other really fun stuff, like swimming in the lake and catching newts. And it rained on the first and last day, which is the tradition. I really like Camp Shenandoah.

Harrison Billy

We had our vacation last week. I went to VA Beach with Mickey, Minnie and JJ and stayed with Pie for the first 4 days. Then the last three nights we spent in Williamsburg going to Busch Gardens.
At the beach, we went to the ocean front one of the days so we could boogie board which was a lot of fun. We also built sand castles at the bay and played games in the pool. When we were at Bush Gardens, we rode the rollercoasters for a day and a half. At Williamsburg, we did an awesome thing called Rev Quest. We were spies and we find clues to a mystery. It was fun. I really liked Williamsburg a lot.
My favorite part of the whole place was the magazine.
Special thanks to Den and Dee for letting us use their vacation points to stay in a really awesome hotel. JJ and I had our own private wing. And to Pie for letting us stay with her.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Harrison JJ

We had Harrison Holiday last week and I planned it this year. The first part of the week we went to Virginia Beach. That was really not part of Harrison Holiday. And then we went to Busch Gardens and Colonial Williamsburg (which was Harrison Holiday)! My favorite part of Virginia Beach was going swimming and boogy boarding at the Boardwalk Beach. I also liked Piezerreia to eat. My favorite part of Williamburg was the silversmith and the blacksmith. And, we bought a really cool game from there called mancala. Bush Gardens was my favorite part of all. The Loch Ness Monster was a really cool roller coaster and I rode it 8 times. I also got a stuffed animal Nessie and a hat that says Loch Ness Monster. Bush Gardens was the best part of the whole trip.
My favorite part about the whole summer so far is going to Busch Gardens. It was really fun. I love the Loch Ness Monster. It is my favorite Roller Coaster ever. That is why I rode it 8 times. There were some other fun rides too that we did. I cannot wait until I am tall enough to ride some of the really big roller coasters there. I love Harrison Holiday. For my next Harrison Holiday, I want to go to Hershey Park.

Ohio Trip by JJ (and everyone's top 5)

We went to Ohio for the 4th of July week. It was fun. We did all sorts of stuff, like going to the waterpark, the street fair and Smalley's Ranch. We saw all four of our cousins this time too. Ohio is really fun. At the waterpark, we did all the rides there. We rode the hurricane at least 6 times. At the street fair, we did the scariest ride (Pharroh's Fury). Smalley's Ranch was really fun....we did fireworks and hung our flag. And all kinds of other S**%t happened too. Oh, and we took J-Wow on the trip and we think she had a lot of fun. She did really good traveling in the car! And, I almost forgot....I won first place for the bike decorating contest. Billy 'retired' this year so he did not do it with me.
Top 5 in Ohio: Billy: 5) Bike Rides 4) Whit's Ice Cream 3) Street Fair 2) Zoombiezze Bay 1) Smalley's Ranch
JJ: 5) Tim Horton's 4) Our secret river by the playground 3) Whits 2) Street Fair 1) Zoombieze Bay and Smalley's Ranch