Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Break

Two things have kept the boys busy over break....playing in the snow (and seen here snowboarding at Massanutten), and MINECRAFT. It is a very addicting game that Billy and JJ have been playing online with each other....and various friends! Those ipod touches will likely have to be pried from their hands on the cruise!

Happy New Year

One of our New Year's Eve Traditions is to relive some memories of the year gone by. We have a bucket into which we can all write memories as they pop up. From 2012, here are our top no particular order: ***We were watching Fellowship of the Ring one evening, and Billy fell asleep. When the movie was over, we woke him up to head upstairs for the night and he starting yelling at us, "Guys, I have lost the ring. I cannot find the ring." and many similar quotes to that point. We messed with him for awhile, yelling back 'C'mom man, you have to find the ring. How could you lose the ring." He started getting more agitated, then finally woke up. Guess he really internalized the movie! ***From the Homestead, at the enormous breakfast buffet: From JJ, "I did not find a straw, but I did find a doughnut!" ***One night as Minnie was awake reading in her bed (everyone else asleep in the house), JJ comes walking into her and Mickey's room. He proceeds to go into the closet and get ready to the closet. Luckily she stopped him in time and redirected him to the bathroom. And, every night since, Mickey and Minnie have shut their closet door. ***One day in the late fall, we were taking J-Wow for a walk in the arboretum. Mickey picked up an acorn and threw it at Billy. It hit him directly on his head, right on the temple. The blow (likely from surprise of feeling he was just shot) knocked him to the ground. Instantly we all cracked up laughing. Its one of those you had to be there moments. Here is hoping we make lots more fun memories in 2013.....starting very shortly on our first ever DISNEY CRUISE!