Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Camp Rapidian Hike

Yesterday, we did a hike to Camp Rapidan where Herbert Hoover (the president) stayed as a summer retreat. We have done this hike before, but my mom had friends from Ohio visiting, and she thought they would like the hike a lot since it is one of our favorite, and it is unique since it has the retreat at the bottom. The trail was 4 miles round trip, and it was really rocky. There was even a creek running down the middle in parts. We also had to cross a river a few times and the water was very high because it has been raining a lot. I also swam in the swimming hole with a waterfall forming in it. The camp was very neat, and even had a small museum in it. Right beside the main house of the camp, we saw a huge rattlesnake. I got close enough to take a pretty cool picture.
It does not look like this is a very old snake, since it did not have many rattlers!
Billy and J-Wow in the 'swimmin' hole'. It was cold!!!!!

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