Monday, July 29, 2013

Harrison Billy

We had our vacation last week. I went to VA Beach with Mickey, Minnie and JJ and stayed with Pie for the first 4 days. Then the last three nights we spent in Williamsburg going to Busch Gardens.
At the beach, we went to the ocean front one of the days so we could boogie board which was a lot of fun. We also built sand castles at the bay and played games in the pool. When we were at Bush Gardens, we rode the rollercoasters for a day and a half. At Williamsburg, we did an awesome thing called Rev Quest. We were spies and we find clues to a mystery. It was fun. I really liked Williamsburg a lot.
My favorite part of the whole place was the magazine.
Special thanks to Den and Dee for letting us use their vacation points to stay in a really awesome hotel. JJ and I had our own private wing. And to Pie for letting us stay with her.

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