Monday, July 29, 2013

Camp Billy

For the past three nights, I was at Camp Shenandoah, a Boy Scout of America camp for Weeblos. We did lots of fun things like shooting BB guns and learning knots and first aid. We even went on a hike and saw a rattlesnake! Nighttime was a different story. There were raccoons and mice, mostly mice that came into out tents. Also it was cold. I have a 40 degree sleeping bag (meaning it should keep you warm down to 40 degree temperatures) and I was so cold! So both of these factors kept me up, and not to mention the 12:00, 2:30 and 5:00 AM train. Now the 5AM train was my alarm clock, so since nobody else in my pack was up at the atime, I just got dressed and sharpened my knives and walked around early in the morning. We learned about different fires, and how to make them and how to put them out. We also did team work exercises and skits and a bunch of other really fun stuff, like swimming in the lake and catching newts. And it rained on the first and last day, which is the tradition. I really like Camp Shenandoah.

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